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      Welcome To Guanxing Group !

      About Us
      • Introduction
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      Contact Us
      • Add: No 221 Zhenxing Road GuanXian Shandong China
      • Tel: +86-635-5281781 5281687 5281005
      • Fax: +86-635-5282502
      • E-mail:guanxing5281009@sina.com
      About Us
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      Guanxing Group is developed from original Guanxian Cotton Spinning Plant founded in 1977. And it was reformed into corporate enterprise in 1999. It is key enterprise and first batch of integrity enterprise in Shandong, Liaocheng top 20 key enterprises. It covers 1,100 mu with total assets of 2.6 billion Yuan. There are 6,500 employees. Under the group, there are several branch companies, including, Guanxing Textile LLC, Guanchang Textile LLC, Zhongxing Textile LLC, Guanxing Dyeing and Printing LLC, Guanxian Guanchang Textile and Logistics Service Co., Ltd. Our company is professional manufacturing of cotton yarn at 6-120 counts, dyed cheese, military products and clothes, knitting garment. Our products have been exported to over 20 countries and regions. And we enjoy a high reputation among domestic textile industry. Guanxing Group has been awarded honor titles of “Guanxian Key Enterprise”, “Municipal Star Enterprise”, “Provincial Excellent Group”, “Shandong Famous Product”, “Shandong Famous Trademark”, “China Famous Trademark”, and “Customer Trustworthy Unit”. Meanwhile our company is listed in top 50 enterprises in textile industry. In recent years, we constantly carry out technology and management innovation to improve technological element and additional value insisting on tenet of “people first, integrity operation and maximum benefit of customers”.

      Guanxing Group warmly welcomes domestic and abroad customers to visit us. We would like to serve you with high quality products and since service.

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